Juan Platero was established on strong core values that we continue to uphold today:



Our family believes that every human being possesses creativity within themselves, and that the magic begins when we start to explore it. We value high creativity within our team and artisans and support our consumers’ endeavors to explore their own creative abilities as well.


All Juan Platero products tell their own story and represent the unique lens that of our artisans see the world through. No matter if it takes days or even months, we ensure all of our items are hand-crafted with attention to detail as a priority.

Cultural Heritage

By offering artisan products, Juan Platero helps to maintain handcraft traditions in Guatemala. Many artisan skills, such as weaving or wood carving, are talents passed down through generations. We are proud to create items that not only represent century-old traditions and skillsets, but are easy to use and complement contemporary home design and apparel.