Vintage Handwoven plaid corte fabric


This beautiful plaid vintage textile comes from highlands of Guatemala where it was handwoven to use as a skirt or corte by Maya women, wrapped around the waist several times. The mid/heavy-weight canvas-like fabric was hand woven on treadle looms and is very strong, so would be suitable for upholstery projects, would make a great beach blanket or a throw, even a table cloth, bed cover or fabric for decorative pillows.

The textile is made of plaid panels, joined by a decorative randa embroidery seam.

Size: 12 ft x 3.7 ft | 144" x 44" | 3.66 m x 1.13 m

Material: Polyester/cotton blend.

Care: Machine washable on gentle, line dry recommended.

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Category: corte fabric, vintage textiles

Type: Corte fabric