Blue Vintage Guatemalan Ikat Textile


4.9-yard piece of beautiful vintage ikat textile from highlands of Guatemala where originally worn as skirt, or corte by Mayan women, wrapped around the waist several times.

The mid-weight textile represents artisan weaving skills passed down from one generation to another and is sewn together at the ends (making a loop).

The fabric was hand woven on treadle looms and would be great for upholstery projects, would make a great beach blanket or a throw, even a table cloth, bed cover or fabric for decorative pillows. Let your imagination fly....

Size: 14 ft x 2.8 ft | 177" x 33" | 4.5 m x 0.85 m, sewn together at the ends making a loop.

Material: Cotton

Care: Machine washable on gentle, line dry recommended.