Authentic Guatemalan Striped Fabric


This pre-loved textile represents artisan weaving skills passed down from one generation to another. Originally used as skirt, or corte, this unique piece now can cheer up any home in so many ways - as a blanket or throw, table runner or a decorative piece. It has a perfect weight for upholstery or can be turned into  throw pillows or beach blanket. We love the vibrant pink tones that calls for summer.

Size: 13.6 ft x 2.5 ft | 163" x 30" | 4.1 m x 0.76 m. The textile is assembled of two panels stitched together at the ends.

Material: Rayon/Cotton blend.

Care: Machine washable on gentle, line dry recommended.

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Category: corte fabric, vintage textiles

Type: Corte fabric